BEAUTY | Revlon Scented Nail polish 'Cherry Bon Bon' Review

zondag, maart 23, 2014

Hi guys! Last week I bought a new nail polish, so here's a review!

I chose a bright red Revlon nail polish named 'Cherry Bon Bon'. There were a few Revlon polishes at the pay desk and they were half the price, so I payed €4,45 for it. I've got two other scented polishes, one of them disappointed me and one surprised me, so I was curious about this one.

This polish should smell like cherries, but I don't really smell them. I do smell some sweet scent, though. At this picture I'm wearing one layer.

At this picture I'm wearing the second layer, and I think this is enough.

Now I'm wearing a topcoat too.

I think this is a beautiful and well pigmented nail polish! The only negative thing is that it chips really fast, but that also could be my clumsiness, haha!

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