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zondag, maart 09, 2014

Hi guys, today's weather was really nice, so I decided to take some pictures outside. I wanted to post an article about my favorite brushes so I had to take pictures anyway. Please read more!

There are so many brushes and the good ones often are expensive. I think I've found some really good low-budget brushes. Unfortunately, not all of them are sold everywhere, but if you are in The Netherlands, you can find them in the drugstores.

I like the Essence brushes. This one is a powder brush, but I use it to apply my foundation. It makes the foundation look natural and makes my skin looks smooth. (Unless you look really close, hahaha!) It's also my powder brush, but I'm looking for a larger one for my powder, because I think this one is too small.

Another one from Essence! This is the blush brush, I like how it looks. Thanks to the oblique shape for making applying so much easier! This brush also feels really soft and picks up a lot of pigment.

These are my favorite eyeshadow brushes. The purple ones are, surprisingly, from Essence, the brown one is from Hema. I don't think the brushes are perfect, but they are my favorite in the low-budget category. I use the flat one from Essence for applying eyeshadow on the moving part of my eyes, the round one for my crease and the brown one is for blending the shades.

For my concealer I use this brush from Hema. Actually it's an eyeshadow brush, but I don't like using it for eyeshadow. I think he's doing a good job working as my concealer brush, but it's not perfect. I'm still looking for a better one.

For making my eyebrows look a little better, I use these two Brushes. I don't know where the black one is from, but the purple one is from......Essence! Wow, didn't see that coming, did you? Haha! And again, I'm not using the brush right, because this is an eyeliner brush. I don't really care, if it works well for something different, I'll use it for something different.

Today it's the 8th of March and it's a beautiful spring day! In The Netherlands, we skipped the winter and I'm okay with that, because I hate snow and freezing cold days! So yeah, I was really glad when I woke up and saw the sun shining! It makes my mood better in a few seconds and it makes me less lazy, haha! Take a look at these pictures I took in my backyard if you want to.



Welcome to 2014 lovely butterfly!

I hope you like this post, have a nice day!

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