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zaterdag, maart 08, 2014

Hi guys! Last Saturday I went shopping and I bought some really awesome Catrice Products, please read some more!

I needed to go to H&M, because I have to wear a sports bra at the show we're doing at the Colorrun in Veenendaal on the 28th of March. I bought a purple one, but I thought it wasn't necessary to take a picture and write about it. If you want to see it, please come to the show ;).

I decided to go to Kruidvat, a Dutch drugstore. When I was inside, I walked straight to the make-up section, because I wanted a new blush. All my blushes are pink and I wanted something different, so I picked a peachy one. It's called: 050 Apropos Apricot. It's a 'silky-soft powder blush for a natural radiant complexion'. The Blush also includes vitamin E, which is awesome, because it's good for your skin!

As you can see, this blush is beautiful and well pigmented. It makes you look healthy and gives a perfect peachy glow, I love it!

The second product a bought is this palette: 010 All Nude. I have to confess I didn't have a nude palette before, which is strange, because it's very basic. Anyway, I was really surprised when I swatched these shades!


They are so smooth and pigmented, especially for a budget brand! I'm impressed. Sure, there are better palettes, but I think this one is a good one too. You can make many different looks, from basic to smokey. The palette also includes a brush, but I don't like to use that one. I don't know why, because it's fine, but I never use included brushes.

I think I won't regret buying these products. They were cheap and I like them! What do you guys think?

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