Welcome to NadinexHope!

zondag, februari 23, 2014

Welcome to NadinexHope! Please let me introduce myself...

My name is Nadine van Spanje, a 17-year old girl from the Netherlands. Before I started writing at 'NadinexHope' I wrote at 'Hoi, ik ben Nadine!' in Dutch, but I wanted to write for everyone, so I added 'NadinexHope' to my blogs!
I'm going to write about fashion, beauty and lifestyle and sometimes other random subjects.

So here are some little facts about me:

Name: Nadine van Spanje
Age: 17 years old
Birthday: 11th of January 1997
Length: 164cm (That's why I love to wear heels:) )
Hobby's: I love dancing, writing and photography
Favorite subject at school and why I like it so much: CKV, it's about culture and art. The reason why I like this subject is the fact that we watch movies all the time and we are allowed to eat during class, I love food!
Favorite writer: John Green, 'The fault in our stars' was a-ma-zing!
Favorite tv-show: Probably 'So you think you can dance'
Favorite movie: Extremely loud and incredibly close
Favorite food: Chocolate (milk and white)
Favorite fruit: Cherry's
Favorite bloggers: Some Dutch girls called Teske de Schepper (www.teskuh.nl) and Vera Camilla (www.veracamilla.nl)
I'm good at: Dancing and writing, I guess...
I hate: Geography class and lies
Dreamschool: 'de Dansopleiding' in Utrecht or Arnhem (a school for dancing)
Dreamjob: Dancer who also writes
What's your wish: Telling my grandchildren awesome stories about things I did in my life.
Do you have a boyfriend: No, unfortunately...

This blog is called 'NadinexHope', because my name is Nadine and it means hope. The 'x' is just for fun, it doesn't have a meaning, I guess.

Add this blog to your favorites and make sure you share this and also you can follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram: @nadinexhope :) Thanks for reading!

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