FASHION | Spring lookbook (VIDEO)

maandag, februari 24, 2014

Hi guys! Last week I made a lookbook on 'Hoi, ik ben Nadine!', but I also wanted to share it with you!

I mentioned it in my first post, I like to write about fashion. I also love to buy new clothes and make nice outfits with them, even if I actually don't have enough money... Struggles of an unemployed girl, haha!

So, I decided to make this lookbook as a video instead of a written one, what I normally would do. I filmed it with my little camera, because my Canon doesn't have a film option, unfortunately. This was just a try, so please comment if you want to see more of these video's or written one's with better pictures.

Click HERE if you can't play it.

I made these outfit based on my own style, which is very various, so you may like some outfits better than others. In my opinion it's important that you create your own style. It's a way of telling who you are without using words. You can use different colors or accessories for example. Do you like one or more of the outfits, feel free to upload a picture on Instagram and mention me (@nadinexhope).

Thanks for reading and don't forget to follow me on social media (@nadinexhope) and on Bloglovin'!

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